Real Estate deals are very fluid and new deals come and go every day. Look below at some of the exciting opportunities I have from owners and some other brokers, mostly off market transactions. Dial my number and make the call if you have any questions or want to share an opportunity with me.  Emails are great, but sometimes in the flurry of activity some questions or concerns don't get typed in that would come through in normal conversations..........


I am looking for off market value add industrial buildings/portfolios 100,000 sf and up per asset. Also non performing notes with industrial collateral. I have a few clients with a big appetite for them.

Hotels........off market California, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, Indiana, Tennessee, Kansas....value add in most cases a few that are stabilized coming off of recent renovations with room to grow revenue. Nothing lasts forever, contact me quicklyl to learn whether any of these deals fits your investment criteria. They are all buy and hold opportunities. Maybe one or two flips in 1- 2 yrs. 708-870-2920 run1ron@aol.com

Cell: 708-870-2920      run1ron@aol.com     Ask about new opportunities not yet posted..................

Off Market, Philadelphia Marriott brand, full service 250 plus rooms...........mid $30 million range, 6.6% cap rate.

Off Market St. Croix Full service resort hotel, marina, additional land for development.........$15 m i have current financials, YE 2017 with breakdown.

Note Sale! Hotel in St Pete, FL; Beaumont, TX...............

Hobe Sound/Jupiter Island development, 22 high end townhomes, short drive to the Island at Algozzini place Purchase $4 million or JV possible with passive investors.

New! Off Market Ohare Sub Market 90 plus room hotel, just renovated to new flag and open in March. Marriott Brand, STR shows 65% market occupancy, average ADR over $100, asking $12 million

Talk to me about a few off market hotels. in the Midwest , Florida and mid Atlantic Coast.

I have 2 SFR home packages with some 2,3,4 flat units, each package has 50 units, 10% and 15% returns

Non performing notes and REO properties come in on and off again. Let me know if you in vest in those assets.

Cell: 708-870-2920    run1ron@aol.com     Ask about new opportunities not yet posted..............

Need distressed retail, apartments, self storage, hotels anywhere in Florida for multiple investors......

SFR investment packages of homes available, cash flowing: Chicago, South Bend, Ohio, Pittsburgh,Memphis, Charlotte county, Jacksonville, Florida


 Continuing Needs:  

Medical care facilities net leased, credit tenants.............Dialysis, Surgery, Radiology, Imaging, Critical Care !

Investor needs Indianapolis buildings downtown, apartments, self storage, Dairy Queen Grill N Chill...........  

Apartment complexes; 100 plus units, multiple sites, portfolios, etc. Value add opportunities and stabilized 

Retail Centers, 75,000 sf and up, off market distressed, midwest and Florida
I specialize in locating investment properties, analyzing data and developing opportunities to buy or sell these assets. I assist in determining options to increase value in the short and long term and renovating and repositioning assets to realize their greatest potential. Recently, notes that are backed by commercial assets, performing and non-performing are being purchased. I have several different sources for those.
I am licensed in Florida, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. I also have relationships with other brokers in many other states that allow me to work deals nationwide. I can provide some commercial lending services and hard money loans. These are not my main focus but I have aligned myself with a few companies that are aggressive and get deals done!
Are you running out of time locating a replacement property for an IRS 1031 exchange? No problem, call today, lets get to work!   708-870-2920
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Everybody's goals and desires in Real Estate are different, what are yours?

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